procrastination, avoidance, perfectionism, fear of letting go, fear of success, fear of failure

I have been asked to develop this topic for Everyday Power Blog, a trusted source for inspiration and motivation. In doing so, I uncovered FIVE (5) KEY PAYOFFS  for avoidance and the fears attached. Good news—there’s a way to tip the scale!
Read all the way through to see which of these may be hidden reasons you’re holding yourself back, and then give the exercises at the end a try. Cheers to you Finding the Gift in Procrastination and Avoidance!

“Why do I feel an urge to do something else whenever I start doing something important? What steps can I take to move forward?”

We are asking the wrong question, and I’m as guilty as anyone. It’s not, “Why do I put off the things I really want or need to do?” The real question we have to ask ourselves is, “What’s the pay-off I enjoy by avoiding doing what I say is important?” Our answers may vary but see if any (or all!) of these apply:

  • I get to stay comfortable.
  • I get to stay anxious.
  • I get to protect my dream.
  • I get to avoid making a decision.
  • I get to stay small.

Click here to read more about each avoidance payoff and how to work your way through procrastination. Please leave your comments on the article page for me!