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Buzzard Metaphor: I just saw something I’ve never noticed before. (That happens a lot when I take the time to sit in nature without an agenda!) I am watching six or eight large birds. Buzzards maybe? When they fly, they rarely flap their wings. Mostly they glide!

Buzzards use the wind in their favor. When they get close enough to me, I can see they shake a little as they are balancing the angle of their wings with the wind. Occasionally they flap their wings two to three times and it seems to take them up or down. Maybe they do it to steady themselves? Then they return to gliding.

Buzzards have such a large wingspan that they can fly much longer just gliding, which is different than a small bird who does the opposite. When a small bird is flying, he flaps his wings most of the time and glides occasionally. That’s me, a small bird. As I grow spiritually and as I get better at life balance, I will be able to fly longer with less effort. I will be able to glide effortlessly through the winds of my life.

My wings (powered by my Higher Power whom I choose to call God, my support system, self-care, daily rituals) will continue to expand as long as I put intention in the daily practices that yield growth. Those buzzards sure look like they are having lots of fun! I’m ready to give up the struggles that sometimes ground me. Meanwhile one day at a time, I will let my wings continue to grow, trusting one day soon I will fly more often with ease!