Grateful, Even For the Toothaches

The profound metaphor of a toothache: Monday- No toothache Tuesday- Suddenly a tooth begins to ache. It's slightly bothersome, but we carry on. Wednesday- The toothache is unbearable. It's all we can think about. We feel we would be “so happy” if our toothache was gone. The following Monday- We've been to the dentist and [...]

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Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures. We all need them. You know how it feels when you indulge: Delight! Wonder! Content! Serene! Comforted! Secure! Relaxing! Joyful! Your meter reading says "FULL." It feels so good to practice a little self-care and yet I will let days go by, sometimes weeks, without indulging in a simple pleasure that fills me [...]

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