Perfectionism: A Perfect Enemy

Hello friends, I hope you are Finding the Gift today! I haven't blogged in a long time. Some of you know I lost my baby brother, Jubal, to suicide on August 7, a terrible blow to my family and his huge circle of friends and music fans. I have felt incredible pressure to write the [...]

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The Norman Rockwell Illusion

Holidays are supposed to be a joy-filled, happy time with friends and family. Day after day of sparkling euphoria, right?! Don't we all long for the Norman Rockwell experience? What if after the timeless moments are captured, we showed each other what really goes on—the good, the bad and the ugly, and also the ordinary? [...]

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The Gifts of the Season

No, I have not finished my holiday shopping! Grrr ... I mean, Happy Tuesday! Every year it seems I get more and more Grinch-like when December rolls around. Maybe that's not fair. I'm not really a Scrooge and I have nothing against gifts. I just want to enjoy more of the simple, beautiful parts of [...]

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Open Minds Get More Gifts to Open

“Authentic, captivating, thought-provoking! Angela Howell’s insights remind the reader that in every life experience there is a gift waiting to be found … if we only dare to look deeper.” —Rachel Martinez, Certified Addiction Counselor Hello FTG Friends! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! I hope each of you have a special time planned to celebrate with good [...]

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Setting Goals or Making Wishes?

Setting goals is great. Getting goals is much better! We can spend a lot of time writing out detailed goals and elaborate action plans, but unless we change something we do every day, we can't hope to see any real movement towards reaching our hopes and dreams. Without action, our best goals will remain wishes. [...]

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Daily Repetition? Just Do It!

© Angela Howell We hear about overnight success and our brains know the truth--nothing happens overnight. Too often something in me still falls into delusional thinking and expectation, not wanting to do the repetition of small steps consistently. I found myself wishing for an outcome today, but then feeling frustrated at the realization [...]

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