Perfectly Imperfect Blog

Imperfect Blog is a title that has been on my mind for about a year now. I had slowed down in my blogging last summer because I caught myself caring more about sounding smart than sharing from my heart. I was more focused on where I could publish my article for the best visibility than [...]

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Breaking Free from the Imaginary Leash

Goldie's leash is real, but Henry's is imaginary. Henry just realized he is UNLEASHED! Hey FTG friends! In recent author talks for my book, Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness, I've been having fun sharing about the December 29 entry, Life Lessons From the Dog. Dog lovers are everywhere so they can [...]

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The Norman Rockwell Illusion

Holidays are supposed to be a joy-filled, happy time with friends and family. Day after day of sparkling euphoria, right?! Don't we all long for the Norman Rockwell experience? What if after the timeless moments are captured, we showed each other what really goes on—the good, the bad and the ugly, and also the ordinary? [...]

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Trees, Hats and Masks

Into Me, See The branches of a tree limb grow out in all different directions. They touch, they overlap, they split off into smaller branches. No two limbs are alike, and no two limbs have identical branches, but they are all part of the same tree. That tree is me; it’s each of [...]

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Never Given More Than We Can Handle Includes Our Potential

© We have all heard the phrase, “We are never given more than we can handle.” I have always applied that to difficult situations and tough times, but I recently heard the idea that it's also true for our talents, our potential, and thus, our destinies. In Nelson Mandela's famous inaugural speech, he [...]

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