We hired Angela Howell to deliver her inspirational keynote, “Courage to Birth Dreams” at our annual event this year in Orlando. She used effective storytelling and inspired our consultants to finish the year strong. They loved Angela and lined up to speak with her afterward. We definitely made the right choice.

~Colby Waisath, Vice President of Sales, Pink Zebra Home

Clips from a recent virtual speaking conference.

Angela Howell has allowed adversity to be her biggest teacher.  She overcame a ten-year-battle with anorexia and bulimia and earned top recognition in corporate sales with several Fortune 500 companies.  When a work injury ended her career, she reinvented herself as a photographer, writer, and abstract artist.  Angela shares her compelling story of triumph with a variety of audiences.

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What Event Planners Are Saying:

“Angela Howell was the keynote speaker for our Spring Premier Event. She was spot on with her message and combining that with the mission of WISE (We Inspire, Support and Empower). I loved her real-life examples and suggestions for taking action. Angela Howell was the clear choice for us and the best speaker our organization has had!”
– Kristen Hale, VP Events & Programming, WISE, Inc.

“Angela is very knowledgeable with a wide range of expertise. She recently spoke at our women’s event with over 250 attendees. Many of the guests visited her table, purchased her book and spoke with her. I felt that she was a great addition to our speaker pool that day. I’ve heard from many ladies that her speech encouraged and blessed them.”
– Amanda Roberts, Founder of the Ball in the Fall

“Angela Howell was invited to speak at one of our local leadership luncheons and they just loved her. From the moment she started talking, Angela had their undivided attention. Her knowledge not only of sales but specifically of network marketing and what our distributors need to do to succeed and how to overcome the obstacles they face were extremely helpful.  Her life lessons from every day metaphors opened our eyes to insights in such a meaningful way. I’ve been in the business a long time but I was nodding my head too, saying, “Wow, that’s really good!”

We all had a great time and could have listened to her all day. I decided to purchase books for all my leaders who were present. For less than $20, Angela’s daily encouragement and specific instructions and how-to’s are a great resource going forward and something team leaders can talk about with their people. My leaders loved her so much that we immediately invited her to speak at one of our regional training events. Angela Howell has a relevant story and engaging presentation style and I would highly recommend her to any audience and especially the network marketing industry.”
– Melody McFarlane, It Works Global, Ambassador Diamond

When I asked Angela to be a guest speaker at my Rise Up Women’s Retreat, I knew our attendees would fall in love with her spirit! Not only does Angela give her heart and soul as a speaker, she brings forth an unapologetic, yet undeniably relatable truth, just as she does on each and every page of her book. There is not a woman who can’t relate to Angela! She truly embodies living authentically and inspires us all to do the same!”

– Amy Weber, Founder, Releve One and Creator of THE pow{h}er METHOD

“I have seen Angela speak on several occasions. She always delivers her message with heart and humor leaving a memorable impact on her audience!”
– Tami West, PhD, Author/Speaker

“Angela has volunteered for the EDCT Speakers Bureau since 2007. She has shared her story and given Eating Disorder Awareness presentations at various schools and colleges on our behalf. We always hear great feedback about her impact, delivery and professionalism, and appreciate her dedication to our organization as a volunteer!”
– Kathleen Yabroudy, Executive Director at Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee

“Angela Howell’s message is one of victory, perseverance and strength, which gives hope to any listener who has ever doubted their own self-worth or purpose. She speaks directly from her own life experience without sugar-coating the difficulties along the way to freedom. She motivates, encourages and inspires with a powerful voice of authority and wisdom. Angela is a gifted speaker, a ’10,’ and I would definitely want to hear her speak again! She is very articulate, engaging, and has a very strong presence. It’s clear that her professional background has helped her hone her speaking skills but more than this, she is transparent and authentic. I think listeners can clearly see her struggles are true and her passion to share what she has learned is heartfelt.” – Kathleen Johnson, Writer 

As a board member, I also arranged for her to be the guest speaker for a luncheon for the Women in Business, on behalf of the Donelson-Hermitage Chamber of Commerce. Still today, I get confirmation from attendees that they found the gift and it’s Angela! I can wholeheartedly recommend Angela Howell to speak at your upcoming event.  You will be glad she did.”
– Debbie Trombley, It Works Global, Double Diamond Executive

“Angela, Thank you so much for speaking to my class today. You were so well-spoken, clear, and relatable. The students LOVED you!! You were awesome! Very impactful! You made the issue/reality of eating disorders come to life for my students. Thank you again!”
– Teresa Johnson, MSN, FNP-BC, Assistant Professor, Union University

“We thoroughly enjoyed having Angela Howell speak at our Cool Springs Rotary luncheon. Her talk was really a ‘gift’ and breath of fresh air. This type of speaking event can often be so full of fluff. It was refreshing to have someone willing to be transparent with what they’ve come through, to encourage others. Angela is spreading much-needed hope and inspiration for men and women! I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
– Casey T. Marshall, Cool Springs Rotary

“Angela Howell’s message is universal. Whether speaking to a young hip crowd, or to a group of seniors, her words hit home! She uses positive interpretations of common day occurrences with just the right touch of spirituality. This inspires us to shine a brighter light on our own rocky paths. Thanks Angela!”
– Jeanie Wynne, Key to the City

“Angela Howell recently spoke at one of our power Saturday Jump Start Conferences for select representatives on my doTERRA team. We had scheduled her to kick off the event and she more than delivered! Her keynote was the perfect “jump-start” to our day. I loved being able to offer my team an inspirational speaker who also happens to have industry-specific knowledge and success. Angela was able to tie in her message of hope and perseverance in a personal way. Knowing our agenda ahead of time, she also reinforced a few of the exercises we had planned to do later in the day. I would love to ask Angela to speak to my team again and am happy to refer her to other companies.”
– Gail Williams, doTERRA International, Team EssentiallyUSA

“Angela engaged over 250 students in the Gallatin, TN Shalom Zone Career Development program. The program was sponsored by the GAP Foundation. The students were engaged and interested as Angela shared her amazing journey of Finding The Gift!”
– PJ Davis, Executive Director, Gallatin Shalom Zone

What Attendees Are Saying:

“I love the way you can verbalize your points through a story. Truly like painting on canvas, the story point becomes clear and quite beautiful! I am most likely to remember to ‘take time for … !’ Your talk lifted my spirit which is heavy right now. I will take care of me! Thank you, it was a wonderful evening.”
– Michelle Reedy

“Angela brings personal stories of heartaches that have been transformed into triumphs. Her lovely spirit shone brightly as she took the podium to share inspiration and wisdom applicable to all.”
– Catherine Caffey

“Very touching, inspiring message. There’s a lot of encouragement for others in your story.”
– Cristal Terry

“Your teaching was off the charts! You connected well with the audience, and your ability to share your personal experience by being so transparent is truly what made it not only interesting, but literally life-changing for those who struggle with eating disorders and other challenges. Many times people feel like they are all alone. But when they see a beautiful woman get up and share so openly, it really allows them to tear down the walls of denial and self hatred, and start to heal.”
– Maggie Kavanaugh

“I am amazed at how strong and powerful this delicate-looking lady is! Thank you for sharing and keep being the beautiful person you are!”
– Wanda Bills

“Every word Angela uttered resonated with me and inspired me to dream, take action and simply live the life I was born to live. I will remember everything, I am sure, and her book will serve as a reminder when I falter in putting into practice what I learned here today. This was an exceptional event. Thank you, Angela, for inspiring me and for the life-changing evening.”
– Iza Maria Rosa

“Angela is an inspiration for anyone who has faced adversity or felt stuck and not quite sure how to follow their dreams.”
– Lisa M

“Angela connected with me in so many ways. A lot of what she said was confirmation: meditating, journaling, manifest, overcoming lies. Why am I waiting? Clearly others have done this before me. Thank you for propelling me, Angela! I am the hesitant “second to last bird.” Thank you for inspiring us all! Your transparency and welcoming personality allow us to safely explore areas of ourselves that align with your experiences and suggestions. I am so thankful I came tonight!”
– Christy Swartzentruber

“The theme of breaking out of the nest is very timely for me at this point in my life. The recommendations you made to help turn dreams into goals are very helpful. Being mindful, finding a mentor, and writing dreams down are things I will make an effort to do more of. Thanks Angela!
– MH

“I love the idea of mindful meditation – feeling and acknowledging your senses. I liked what you had to say about alternate dream lives: don’t allow what you perceive as limitations to stop you. And the question, ‘What can I incorporate into my life now?’ Very nice. Thanks for sharing.”
– Anonymous

“Your early goals to get thin, get rich and get love really connected as all have been trouble for me. And I totally forgot about my childhood dreams. I now have some decisions to make. Do I still want them? This was a wonderful event. I’m glad you spoke. Thanks!”
– Chris Douglas

“I loved your point, ‘Ask! They just might say yes!’ And the reminder that what we need to fulfill us isn’t outside us. Thank you for sharing. I felt a lot of connection with your story, very inspiring.” – Jennifer Whitaker “I will remember to just ask, put myself out there and take a chance. Thanks Angela!”
– LeeAnn Ogle

“I will most remember the admonition to counter the negative inner voices and replace with the positive. Thank you for sharing your story and challenging us to strive for a better life of our dreams.”
– Chris Mahan

“What I’m most likely to remember: resistance is fear! This was a great night and very encouraging—just what I needed at this point in my life.”
– Stephanie Scott

“I loved your presentation and I’ve seen hundreds of them. I love your metaphor theme. We all have them. We just don’t pay attention!”
– Malinda Mansfield, Author and Speaker

“What I am most likely to remember and what will help me is that anything is possible, just begin. Thank you Angela, I enjoyed your talk.”
– Cindy K.

“I was blessed and encouraged to hear Angela’s story. I know that my life can get better and her coaching program, “A Life Worth Having,” just might help that to happen!”
– Claire Heffington

“Inspirational message that spoke to several areas in my life. Thanks for sharing and I wish you much success.”
– Ila Foster

“Angela – Thank you for your powerful words today and for the inspiration! You are amazing.”
– Janet Kallam

” The Body Project helped me love and accept my body faster then ten therapy sessions!”
– Jessica K.

“I see how the Body Project has really opened my eyes. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.”
– Reyna T.

“I really enjoyed the Body Project. It has made me feel more confident and made me want to apply a few changes to my life.”
– Sierra T.

“Before the Body Project, I was already pretty confident in myself and my body. But the mirror exercise gave me a new perspective about who I am as a person.”
– Jamie K.

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