Simple pleasures, butterfly, butterflies, spring, flowers, daisies, summer

Simple pleasures. We all need them. You know how it feels when you indulge: Delight! Wonder! Content! Serene! Comforted! Secure! Relaxing! Joyful! Your meter reading says “FULL.”

It feels so good to practice a little self-care and yet I will let days go by, sometimes weeks, without indulging in a simple pleasure that fills me back up and lets me know everything is okay, and in fact, PERFECT right at this very moment.

Need a hint? Light a candle. Listen to music. Catch a fish! Decorate a cake! Arrange some beautiful flowers. Take a walk. Feed a duck. Paint. Sing. Skip. Ride the grocery cart! Sit by the water. Put your toes in some sand. Climb a hill. Race your dog down the street. Make a child laugh. Laugh with them. Try a new recipe. Smile at a stranger. Take the long way home.

The world is a scavenger hunt! Hidden everywhere are the little treasures that make our lives full. Get your bucket out, dust it off if necessary and collect as many experiences as you can hold. Race ya!