goals, target, intention, focus

Setting goals is great. Getting goals is much better! We can spend a lot of time writing out detailed goals and elaborate action plans, but unless we change something we do every day, we can’t hope to see any real movement towards reaching our hopes and dreams. Without action, our best goals will remain wishes. We can plan our lives, but we don’t just decide what our future will look like.

We decide what habits and disciplines we will do daily, and those daily practices are what ultimately decide our future.

As we evaluate where we would like to be in six months, one year, three years, ten years, let us also evaluate what needs to happen daily to bring about the progress we seek. It’s the small change that leads to the big change. Allow 21 days of repetition for a new habit to form. One day won’t make a difference, but consistency over time will change our lives and we will achieve a lot more of the goals that we set! When it comes to reaching goals, the slow, consistent turtle usually beats the rabbit.

Try taking a few small steps today, even if it’s just ten minutes’ worth of action or one phone call, and let me know how it feels to move closer towards changing your wishes and goals into reality.