patience, patient, feather, wisdom, surrender

Patience is a virtue and never more needed when chasing a feather! Yesterday while cleaning, I noticed a random, red feather had somehow landed on my finger. Without thinking, I threw it up in the air to shake it off me. When I realized I would have to pick it up again to throw it away, I lunged for it and missed. Every time I grabbed for it, the feather escaped me by the sheer force of the air and energy I directed toward it, in my effort to get hold of it. The more rushed my attempt was, the more air the feather floated away on. I realized if I wanted to catch it, I would have to gently follow the feather’s natural direction and be ready to receive it with open hands, when ‘it’ wanted to land.

I thought of how hard I chase things at times, trying to force something in my life. I was reminded to follow the guidance I receive when I am patient and trusting. As long as I’m willing to move in sync with my guidance, I will be led to the prize. In fact, it may even land in my hand when I have done my footwork and let go of trying to make it happen. I won’t have to force anything! What a relief?! And a great reminder to trust in the process, do my part, and patiently surrender the outcome.