Check this out! Wow- I am so grateful! This was posted online Friday and will print in the Gallatin and Hendersonville papers this Wednesday.

Angela Howell, Eating Disorder Awareness

Do you know of anyone who has suffered from an eating disorder or had a family member who suffered? Eating disorders are a tough, lonely disease and once the recovery process begins, it takes an average of seven, hard years to maybe begin to experience lasting relief. Ongoing support for the patient and the family can make all the difference.

I’m still pushing to hit my personal $1,000 fundraising goal for this worthy cause. I’m up to about $350. I only need 25 people to make a $25 or more contribution. Please consider directing some of your charitable funds this way. As soon as you do, I will be notified and you will be getting a huge thank you from me! Just follow the link in the article. It’s quick, safe and easy!

To those who have already supported me …THANKS!! I really appreciate you!

Have a great day!