Register for Micro Magic and watch procrastination disappear!

The next session is January 9 to January 30, 2024. Registration is open through January 2.

What’s included?

  • Three weeks of twice daily accountability and support
  • Daily tips, tools and resources from Angela
  • Four Weekly LIVE sessions via Zoom with mini-coaching segments
  • Group Support 24/7 via private FaceBook group
  • Bonus intention-setting session on Zoom for the first 12 people who complete registration

Micro Magic entails twenty-two days of forward progress, one small step at a time. Built to bust through fear and procrastination, and able to fit into the busiest schedule, Micro Magic will mobilize you in the things that matter most. Where could YOU be in just twenty-two days?

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Are you accomplishing what you hoped to this year? What about the thing you said last week that you wanted to start doing (or stop doing)?

Why is it so hard to keep our word to ourselves? Sometimes I even struggle to do the things I love, much less the ones I don’t really want to do. We don’t have to fully understand the reasons for our procrastination in order to do something about it.

I’ve shared in my Tuesday emails that I have battled procrastination chronically for decades. If you missed “My True Confessions,” click here. Thankfully, I found easy-to-use strategies that have been life-changing. I’m setting attainable intentions, breaking them down into micro movements, and using daily accountability with others to keep myself honest and on track. I have a system that works and I call it Micro Magic!

We can create support around anything we want to do, and take small but consistent steps to see forward movement. If you struggle with stuckness, procrastination, fear, avoidance—whatever keeps you from following through on things that are important to you—I want to help.

Micro Magic sessions are only offered once a year and the next session is January, 2024! 

I don’t have time right now!

There is never a good time to start something new. But that’s exactly the problem we’re going to address, because the time to start taking action on goals is when awareness and desire meet WILLINGNESS and HOPE. It doesn’t matter how small your steps may be. What matters is the direction of your movement. Are you getting closer or further from what you really want?

You may be saying, But I don’t have time for that right now! I’m already stretched to the max and overwhelmed!

That’s exactly why this is the perfect timing. Micro Magic teaches you how to make time work FOR you, multiplying your available time so you can watch procrastination disappear.

How can Micro Magic help me?

Think about it. What is one habit you want to create, or one thing you would really like to take action on, or perhaps accomplish, before the year ends? Something that despite your best intentions, you keep procrastinating, or have yet to make time for because your schedule and/or your brain capacity stay perpetually full?

Perhaps you want to:

• Update your resume
• Clean out that over-full closet
• Learn how to win at chess
• Set and achieve goals for the New Year
• Start tax filing preparation early to avoid the deadline stress
• Increase your daily steps, or go to the gym three days a week
• Make a household budget and savings plan
• Start writing a memoir
• Read a book or finish one you’ve already started
• Sign up for a foreign language class (or at least learn how to ask to go to the bathroom!)
• Take a class on gardening
• Start (or finish) a DIY kitchen update project
• Pick up an instrument or your paintbrush again
• Submit poetry for publication
• Do ____X_______ more often
• Do ____X_______ less often
• Quit ___X___________
• Start __X__________
• Or whatever is a priority to you!

It’s easy to stay stuck and overwhelmed, not knowing where to start or how to change. But the super power behind Micro Magic is the daily accountability and support.

If you haven’t been able to do something yet, maybe it’s because you haven’t had enough help yet?

I heard that statement in 2021 and began to expand my network of support for everything from painting at scheduled times to getting eight hours’ sleep every night. These areas and more have improved significantly, and I’m convinced everyone can grow professionally and personally with the right support. But for some, it can be challenging to find that right person or group to grow with.

I’m excited to offer Micro Magic for anyone who’s ready to implement positive change in their lives. Experts say it takes twenty-one days to develop a habit, so twenty-two days must be even better!

How does Micro Magic work?

We’re going to set an intention and then take twenty-two actions in twenty-two days using four key practices, plus the accountability of the group to create massive forward momentum on the things that matter most to you. Each participant will have access to our private Facebook group, where we will create a safe space to build community and support. This group will be opened a few days prior to our start date so each person can join, say hello, and share their intention(s) for our twenty-two days together.

Micro Magic will start with a welcome party on Zoom on January 9 from 6PM-7PM CST. (Zoom session #1)

During the welcome party and over the course of the event, Angela will share tips, tools and resources that have been useful to her in sustaining positive habits, reaching milestones and achieving goals.

Starting on the first day of morning check-ins, Angela will have a daily post waiting for you in the Facebook group and each person will put in the comments what their action step for the day will be to make forward progress, no matter how small, toward their intention. In the evenings, you’ll share daily victories and any challenges. Angela will be commenting on your posts and interacting with you each day.

Micro Magic includes (3) additional 60-minute Zoom sessions (Zoom sessions 2-4), one each week to foster mutual encouragement and keep the momentum going, and then a final one to celebrate and share victories.

****Please note: The days and times for the LIVE Zoom sessions will be on Tuesdays from 6-7 PM CST. The first one is important to attend if possible. If you can attend the others, great, but they are offered as supplemental support. If you can’t attend them all, no worries. The core benefits of the program will come from the quick morning commitments and evening follow-ups in the private FaceBook group, plus the utilization of the four key practices Angela will discuss in our Welcome Party.

The agenda for the (4) LIVE Zoom sessions (plus the 5th bonus one) is as follows:

1- BONUS Intention-Setting Session with Micro-Coaching (first 12 registered participants only)
2- Welcome Party, Introductions of the Four Key Practices, Q&A
3- Celebrations, Q&A, Micro-Coaching Segments (5-10 minutes each)
4- Celebrations, Q&A, Micro-Coaching Segments (5-10 minutes each)
5- Share Key Takeaways and Feedback, Celebrations

What are past participants saying?

For the amount of time spent, the payoff is exponentially greater. ~Rachel

Micro Magic took less time actually than what I expected. Highly recommend! ~ Diane

I’m so glad I did Micro Magic because it really got me moving on a big project I’ve been talking about for two to three years and will keep me on track to move forward. ~ Pam

Angela’s support and comments on our daily intentions and results were so encouraging. Even when we thought we had missed the mark for the day, she had encouragement to keep us from beating ourselves up. ~ Leona

The micro coaching was the most helpful aspect of the group zoom sessions. Even if I was not the one Angela was speaking to, I found her insights to be helpful and frequently applicable to my own life. ~Steve

I ran a similar accountability wellness program for many years. It was fun to be a participant this time and I love Angela’s style and warmth. Angela is a great coach and motivator. Her enthusiasm and encouraging comments made me want to complete my goals each day. I never felt pressured, only supported. ~ Ginny

I highly recommend this course for anyone regardless if you think your suffer from procrastination or not. You may find like I did, the many places that procrastination can hide and disguise itself. It’s not just limited to work. ~ Karla

Angela makes a great coach and is very personable and caring— great to work with and helpful. ~ Rosie

Working with Angela is fun! ~ Stephanie

I am making myself get things done with less distractions. I liked Angela’s responses to others, as well as to me. I’m glad I participated in Micro Magic. It made me accountable for achieving my daily goals. ~ Linda

I found Angela to be enthusiastic, encouraging and helpful, while not afraid to challenge people, especially when they said self-deprecating things. ~Steve

I’ve never done groups before and was pleasantly surprised at how helpful it was. It generated comradery and I was able to get some helpful advice. ~Rachel

Micro Magic introduces you to valuable life skills that make daily life more manageable. ~ Leona

Angela speaks from a place of someone who has struggled with the same issues that are dealt with in Micro Magic. She is enthusiastic and encouraging and genuinely wants people to succeed. Micro Magic will introduce you to the power of taking daily small actions that can lead to big results. ~ Steve

Micro Magic helped me not only be more intentional, but to experience the mental and spiritual boost that comes when you are faithful to fulfill your promises to yourself. Also, on very busy days, being able to accomplish something even very small is a mental boost and this program helped provide a way to capitalize on those small wins. I can sense that the practices that were involved are already helping me form new habits that will greatly impact my future success with reaching goals. Angela is kind, thoughtful, and offers great insight and encouragement along the way. She is authentic, approachable and is able to back up what she says from her own experiences. ~ Kathleen

How much does Micro Magic cost?

What would it be worth to get un-stuck? You have probably signed up for unlimited free eBooks, seminars and podcasts. My inbox is full of them, too, and guess what? Most of them are UNOPENED, or viewed once and forgotten. The simple truth is this: we are more likely to follow through on something we’ve paid for. That’s what it takes for most of us to show up and take ourselves seriously.

What if you could have this twenty-two day program for the cost equivalent of about an HOUR of individual coaching? Yet, you will receive much more as you benefit from over fifteen hours’ of time between the group micro-coaching sessions and daily feedback. The Four Key Practices are repeatedly taught and demonstrated—yours to implement for the rest of your life!

The price for Micro Magic, including four LIVE zoom calls (plus the bonus call if you’re among the first 12 registered*) and twice daily support on Facebook for twenty-two days, is about $17/hour payable in one installment of $249, or two payments of $137 each.  This investment will keep you coming back every day until the new habits form and excitement about your progress bolsters your motivation even more.

*While the group size is not limited, the first twelve people to complete registration will be given FREE access to a BONUS, 60 minute, LIVE, pre-launch group session on Zoom, where Angela will offer micro coaching with individual participants to demonstrate how to clarify intentions and micro movements to kickstart their program of daily actions. This bonus class is free for the first twelve people who complete registration, a $75 value.

Reserve your spot today! Registration closes on January 2, 2024.

You deserve this!

Contact Angela with any questions and be sure to subscribe to Angela’s weekly updates for inspiration and future group coaching announcements.