Angela Howell and America’s Love Doctor Discuss Mindfulness

Recently celeb psychologist Dr. Brenda Wade, a regular guest on The Today Show, Dr. Oz and Oprah, interviewed Angela Howell to discuss year-end mindfulness and her new book, Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness. Click the replay to learn how Angela Howell practices mindfulness in her life and get her secret for how to become present in less than two seconds. Hint: find your feet, hands and breath! As a bonus, you'll also hear Angela discuss why she believes suffering is ordinary, as she challenges others to lay down their (superior) victim identity and join the human race as [...]

Binge Eating: Dr. Oz, Dr. Brenda Wade and Angela Howell Weigh In

Today on his show, Dr. Oz featured Dr. Brenda Wade, an award-winning holistic psychologist to talk about how to break bad holiday food habits, with a great resource for people who overeat or who could be suffering from binge eating disorder. Tonight at 8:30 CST, listen as Dr. Wade interviews Angela Howell about her own journey into anorexia and bulimia, and how Angela was finally able to recover from the grips of a life-threatening eating disorder. Dr. Wade is a compassionate, engaging host, offering thousands of people great content every Tuesday night. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: ADDITIONAL RESOURCES AND [...]

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