gratitude, bliss, grateful, serenity

The profound metaphor of a toothache:

Monday- No toothache
Tuesday- Suddenly a tooth begins to ache. It’s slightly bothersome, but we carry on.
Wednesday- The toothache is unbearable. It’s all we can think about. We feel we would be “so happy” if our toothache was gone.
The following Monday- We’ve been to the dentist and our toothache is gone. We are “so happy!”
The following Wednesday- Our toothache is long gone and so is the memory of the pain, and the gratitude about the pain relief. We are back to our pre-toothache state, as if it never happened.

We have all walked through pain and suffering. Remember when we longed for the situation to get better? Even if you have a “toothache” in your life today, the other ones are gone! Celebrate and give thanks today for all the troubles and aches you no longer have to deal with. Can you think of five reasons to celebrate and be grateful for today? Abraham Lincoln said, “We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be.” I will choose to be “so happy” about something, today!