Stress from relationship issues and family interactions can be heightened during the holidays. At times we may feel stuck in old patterns of relating with certain people, and we leave an interaction feeling hurt. We don’t have to stay stuck and we deserve to share our heart in a way we have the best chance of being heard. Check out this great article about bringing your choice back into your relationships.


Fred Luskin, Ph.D., is the director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects, a senior consultant in health promotion at Stanford University, and a professor at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, as well as an affiliate faculty member of the Greater Good Science Center. I have never met Fred Luskin, yet he has changed my life for the better.

Whether via videos, articles, or his books, all of which can be found online, the opportunity exists to be exposed to Dr. Luskin’s depth of knowledge regarding forgiveness, vulnerability, generosity, overcoming pain and grief, and making choices. I think his greatest wisdom lies in the last of this list: making choices.

We are hurt by a loved one; we then have a choice. Are we going to focus on what went wrong, what was done, or who said what? Or are we going to work toward a place where we can think rationally and decide how we should proceed?

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