Hello FTG Friends! Very soon I’ll be making an announcement about the availability of my upcoming book, Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness! Behind the scenes, I’ve been gathering feedback from readers who received an advance copy:

“Angela Howell gently guides you to face what’s true and then brings you full circle to remembering that ‘now’ is all that exists. Brilliant!”
Denise Simone, Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Counselor

Also, I’ve been talking to local book stores and other retailers, and planning a launch party and book signing events. I’m so excited to be able to invite you along on this journey with me. We will continue to “Find the Gift” together!

If you came to The Ball in the Fall, I want to hear from you! Please leave a comment and tell me some of your favorite take-aways from all the amazing speakers we were able to enjoy. If you received an advance copy of my book, please leave a comment and tell me what you’ve enjoyed about it so far, or if any particular daily entry really hit home with you. Lastly, if you’re struggling or celebrating a victory, please tell us about it. This is YOUR website … OUR website to be cheerleaders for each other on this amazing journey towards learning how to love our lives, letting every obstacle and challenge make us stronger and point us away from what we don’t want, closer to what we do want.

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P.S. Sneak peek from today’s reading:

October 27 Created to Create

Originality is the essence of true scholarship. Creativity is the soul of the true scholar. ~ Nnamdi Azikiwe ~

We took a road trip to Dallas yesterday. Twelve hours in a car is hard on the body! Even two to three hours without a break is enough to stiffen our joints and make it hard to hop right out of the car and walk normally. The human body is designed to walk and yet just a few hours in one position leads to “dysfunction”—difficulty with an otherwise normal human function.

I believe another of our innate abilities is to create. If we have no creative outlet for two to three months, we may have irritability pop up as a consequence of restricting our natural capabilities. If we go two to three years without engaging in any creativity, we may see even more evidence of “dysfunction,” and we will probably experience a lack of fulfillment (though we may not realize why). If we wait twenty to thirty years without being creative and true to the way we were designed, we may have full-blown dysfunction in the way of depression, unhealthy relationships, bad habits, apathy, loss of physical health—complete bankruptcy of the soul.

In our culture, it’s so easy to fall into a confined lifestyle, where we’re practically robotic without a lot of variety. We do everything the same, over and over. We may not use much of our creativity or imagination, so those innate functions get rusty and stiff from lack of use. It can happen before we realize and then perpetuate over time. Creation is life. Creativity invites life energy to live in you. You don’t have to be a traditional artist, but we all need to create, to give life, to dream, to bear ideas, to play, to follow passions, to experiment and to explore new paths.

What creative activity—creat-ivity—can you do today to put some life back into your life? Can you experiment in the kitchen? Try something new on the menu at your favorite restaurant, or maybe even explore a new restaurant? Can you make a small wardrobe change to create a new combination that you’ve never worn before, using the clothes you already have? Can you invite creativity into your job and relationships? Can you find an alternate route to work, paying attention to the different landmarks you see? Reignite the spark that makes you … YOU!