hamster wheel, chaos, mental chatter, negative thinking

When I read this blog about negative thinking, I knew I had to share it! Negative thinking is something I have battled most of my life. Almost daily, I do battle to get or stay free from the powerful hold this type of thinking wants to keep on my mind, and therefore, my perception of reality.

If you have ever been plagued by negative thinking, beaten to death by the sh#tty committee inside your brain, or found your mind on a mental hamster wheel that you can’t get off of, this is a must-read for you too! Good news–even this tortured thinking has value!

Please click below to see what my new friend, Denise Simone, has to say about how she has addressed this issue in her own life. Great title, Denise! ; ) You are so right- finding the gift is possible if we are simply willing to look for it!