path, determination, persistence, repetition

© Angela Howell

We hear about overnight success and our brains know the truth–nothing happens overnight. Too often something in me still falls into delusional thinking and expectation, not wanting to do the repetition of small steps consistently. I found myself wishing for an outcome today, but then feeling frustrated at the realization that I couldn’t just do it. The only way to achieve this outcome is through small, daily repetition. But I want it now! Wow, how many times have I wanted to write a book in one day or take a foreign language lesson, desiring mastery right at the onset? Too often! What’s the saying?? Good things take time!

Living in a microwave, fast-food society, my inherent desire to pull up to the drive-thru window and have it my way is so much more appealing to me.

But I have a choice. I can dismiss the urges, desires, dreams, and goals that are going to take longer than one day, or I can do one small thing today (and the next, and the next) to get me closer to my goal.

If I make it more about the journey rather than the ultimate outcome, I may be more inclined to take that small step. If I look for the joy in actually doing it, or if I think about what I can get out of it today– the reward solely in today’s action– I may be more likely to just do it today. When I slow down long enough to enjoy myself in that activity, I may find the willingness to do it again tomorrow. What is a step you can take toward your goal today and even more importantly, what’s the gift you can find in doing that today? When I adhere to daily disciplines, I find the Miracle Gro for my dreams and goals! Cheers to us all Finding the Gift by taking one small step today!