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Corporate Wellness

A Mindful Employee is a Productive Employee: Why it Pays to Pay Attention

Presenteeism—I’m here, but I’m not all here—is a powerful foe in the workplace. How are you helping your employees find daily fulfillment and balance? Investing in your number one asset creates a win-win situation for everyone. Less stress, illness and mental fatigue (i.e. burnout prevention), boosts in memory and cognitive flexibility, and increased creativity and problem-solving all have a favorable impact on overall company success. In your session, Angela will use real life situations, with a proper dose of humor, to reveal the need to become more mindful. She will teach simple, daily steps for developing a mindfulness practice anyone can implement immediately. Despite her success in corporate sales, Angela experienced major burnout as a result of not incorporating more balance and mindfulness into each day. She will help your employees “find the gift” again, at work and in life.

How to Create A Life Worth Having™ (Using Everything You’ve Already Got)

Yes, there really is more to life than this! But your best thinking got you here, so if you want something different, you’ve got to do something different. For starters, your mental software may be seriously outdated, requiring an immediate upgrade! In these sessions, you will:
• Explore negative beliefs about yourself.
• Examine your money mindset.
• Assess life balance in eight key areas, using “The Wheel of Fortune.”
• Find out how to use envy as a tool for leading a more fulfilling life.
• Discover what you would do, if you could do anything!
Using her nine-module coaching curriculum, Angela Howell will customize a keynote speech, workshop or weekend conference using her guided exercises to reveal specific steps toward creating A Life Worth Having™. Session(s) can be tailored for various time constraints, from one hour to several days.

Courage to Birth Dreams

When a work injury ended her career as an award-winning, corporate sales rep, Angela Howell had to re-create the rest of her life. Starting with a list of skills and a few coincidences, Angela became a successful entrepreneur as a professional photographer and network marketer, and now author, speaker, and coach. Even before her injury, she felt trapped in her career but afraid to do anything about it. Learn how to rise above societal norms and the pesky mental chatter that persuades you to stay in your predictable comfy box. What? Don’t know what your dreams even are? Not to worry, they may be buried, but you will learn how to excavate them. You can re-create your life too. It’s never too late to explore new ways to be fulfilled and to find the courage to birth new dreams!

Finding the Gift: Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Perspective™

Be encouraged and inspired as Angela shares with refreshing authenticity about the life lessons that put her on the path of personal healing and growth.  Feel renewed as your eyes are opened to discovering what is already wonderful inside us and around us. Angela’s journey resulted in Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness, her handbook for life. Using metaphors from the most unlikely places, Angela will challenge your group to transition from merely surviving, to thriving.

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