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If you are truly ready to transform your life, and would like personal guidance, support and accountability to help you do that, take the first step right now!

Why do you suppose the greatest athletes in the world use a coach? And not just any coach but one with specific experience in the areas where greater excellence is desired? A coach can’t give someone what they don’t inherently possess, so it’s about trusting an expert to bring out the greatness already inside them.

We all have untapped potential. The right coach can offer an unbiased assessment of the talents, skills and choices that have brought us to where we are now. With our willingness to work and grow, a coach can provide guidance and accountability, plus actionable steps to assist in meeting our goals.

Angela Howell is the founder of the heart-seeking series, A Life Worth Having™. In her ten-module, twelve-week coaching curriculum, she guides her clients through specific exercises designed to uncover their deepest dreams, desires and passions, and integrate them into their life, removing any blocks discovered along the way.

Maybe you want to change careers or get promoted? Maybe you want better relationships? Maybe you don’t have a clue what you would change about your life, but you know something is missing.

Angela understands! For so many years, she gave in to what was familiar because her life looked pretty good from the outside. She was playing it safe though, instead of finding the courage to pursue her authentic, yet unknown calling. When a work injury ended her career as an award-winning, corporate sales rep, Angela had to re-create the rest of her life.

Starting with a list of skills and a few coincidences, Angela became a successful entrepreneur as a professional photographer and network marketer and now, author, speaker, and coach. Even before her injury, she felt trapped in her career, but afraid to do anything about it.

Angela’s heart aches for anyone who feels trapped in their present circumstances—certain there must be more to life, but afraid to make a change. Or maybe they don’t even know what a better life might look like.

Let Angela show you how to rise above the pesky mental chatter that persuades you to stay in your predictable comfy box. You can re-create your life too. It’s never too late to explore new ways to be fulfilled and to find the courage to birth new dreams.

As a result of her own life-long journey toward healing and greater fulfillment, Angela Howell has combined the best personal development techniques and healing practices into one, life-changing program.

A Life Worth Having™ is truly a blueprint for personal freedom—for bringing your sparkle back to the surface for you and those who are impacted by your reflection. We were made to shine and be happy. Angela is excited to share what steps finally helped her break through and re-purpose her life.

It doesn’t really matter where you feel stuck or stagnant—career, relationship, or adversity in various forms like loss, divorce, or disability—Angela can help you overcome, transform and achieve more life fulfillment. More balance. And more JOY.

Space for individual coaching sessions is VERY limited. Contact Angela to inquire about scheduling a free, fifteen (15) minute phone session to see if you and Angela would be a great fit working together.

If you are interested in utilizing Angela’s coaching curriculum for your own practice and workshops, please inquire about licensing options for A Life Worth Having™.

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Online and group coaching NOW AVAILABLE!

Micro Magic™ is

• Three weeks of twice daily accountability and support
• Daily tips, tools and resources from Angela
• Four Weekly LIVE sessions via Zoom with micro-coaching segments
• Group Support 24/7 via private FaceBook group

Micro Magic entails twenty-two days of forward progress, one small step at a time. Built to bust through fear and procrastination, and able to fit into the busiest schedule, Micro Magic will mobilize you in the things that matter most. Where could YOU be in just twenty-two days? Read more here.

Contact Angela to join the wait list for the next session of Micro Magic!

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What people are saying …

“Angela is a genuine, authentic and masterful coach. She gently guides you and encourages you to shift your perceptions, and lifts you out of any confusion or stuckness you may be experiencing so that you can make positive changes. Her wisdom and insights are truly a gift and have helped me to validate and trust in myself, when I am experiencing doubt and fear. Her loving and compassionate light comes through on every call and her presence lets you know you are being heard and seen. I highly recommend working one on one with Angela. Just to know her is an amazing gift!”

– Denise Simone

A Life Worth Having is an awesome program. Angela has the ability to read between the lines and point you in the right direction. She gently pushes you in areas that have been hard to confront, then gives you the tools and resources to incorporate into your world to lead a better life. I have truly enjoyed the journey, and it has been a delight working with Angela. If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend her.”

– Sheila H.

“It’s rare when you come across an awakened soul like Angela! I had the pleasure of working with her for several years. I was always in awe of Angela’s unwavering vision for our future and her passion to help others. She’s a fearless leader with invaluable insight and energy. A true gift to work with and now my cherished friend!”

– Sherry Allen

“Angela offers years of experience and wisdom to help me navigate life challenges and personal growth. Rather than telling me what to do, she guides me to look deeply within myself for my own answers about how to approach life and my career with daily fulfillment as a top objective. She is a great listener and I am grateful for her impact in my life. I am happy to recommend Angela as a coach.”

– Sara Cobb

“For several years, Angela served as a leader and mentor in my home-based business. She always provided me with inspiration and higher perspective. She challenged me to be my best self and worked with me using various exercises for personal growth. If you need a coach, I would highly recommend working with Angela. She will show you how to rise to your potential!”

– Aimee Lomax

“I am very grateful that God put Angela Howell on my path in life. As my mentor, she has assisted me in building my business, and being my go-to person when I needed it. She has always been supportive. Angela has also helped me stay focused by encouraging me whenever unexpected life occurrences tended to pop up. She has taught me very valuable life lessons and provided any information needed so that I may succeed.”

– Angelita Upchurch

“After reading Angela’s book Finding the Gift and having it tug at my heart every day, I knew it had been brought to me for a reason. The past few years of my life have brought major change and a lot of challenges that I allowed to bring negativity into my life. I kept digging to get out of the cycle but couldn’t figure out what the thing was that continued to hold me back from living my “life worth having.” I did research on Angela and found she did coaching. I knew it was my sign.

From the first phone call, I knew if anyone could dig that “thing” out it would be done with her guidance. I began her “A Life Worth Having” program and how great it was!  The first couple of weeks, the exercises were so fun and lively and my confidence was boosting daily. I was putting her practices into action and couldn’t wait to wake each morning to start another day. There were a couple of harder weeks that made me dig and dig into some tough issues I had been holding in. I honestly didn’t think these had any play in my life anymore, but boy did they. I was mad, hurt and sick and tired of allowing things from my past have a say in my life today and my growth in the future.

Angela has the kindest voice and chose the most heartfelt, loving, powerful yet stern words to help me push through and give myself permission to feel it all and decide how to move ahead in my life. The way this program is written is so delicate and well thought out, that I do not know how one could not get past that “thing” holding her back.

Every day when I wake up and journal, I thank God for putting Angela in front of me and for nudging me daily to contact her about coaching. I am a much different person now than I was the first day in her program. I am forever grateful for Angela and am so proud of who I am today and excited to see my next chapter.”

– Amy Gleaves

“Angela attended our inaugural Practitioners Preview Weekend at St. George Island, Florida. We witnessed her skill as a coach, actively listening, dissolving obstacles, crafting in real time her reflections and guidance to the needs of the clients – in this case, other equally skilled practitioners. Her coaching material was accessible, insightful, and produced revelation throughout the group. We are happy to welcome the people Angela attracts to our special space, as they are sure to be richer of spirit for the experience she offers.”

– Michelle Gomez, Mother Ocean Retreats

“After working with Angela in her money workshop, I have a clearer understanding of the origins of my issues with money. Angela has great insight into what creates blocks and she has a warm and gentle way of pinpointing issues. She created an environment in which I felt safe being vulnerable.”

– Janet Tuck

“I had the pleasure of being in a group that Angela facilitated and I witnessed her magic with the other participants.  Then I got to experience her masterful way of guiding me through a sensitive topic and ultimately getting to the true root issue that was at play rather than the presenting one.  She was patient, intuitive and held the process very gently as she guided and allowed me to get to my deep truth.  That deep truth is one that has continued to reverberate through since the retreat.  I’m grateful for Angela’s combination of skills, willingness and flexibility to help me get there!”

Tammy Roth

“Money is an uncomfortable topic when you’re from a family that NEVER discussed it. Angela’s demeanor and her approach embody such gentle caring that I felt safe to be open and honest in our group discussions. The exercise she led us through helped me not only recognize limiting beliefs I thought I’d resolved, but also revealed some unacknowledged beliefs that are tarnishing my relationship with money. Her intuitive questions helped me also recognize the origins of those beliefs. Working through her suggested homework, I can already feel a shift toward abundance and lightness that is foreign, but oh so welcome.”
– Gina Hogan-Edwards