thermostat, adjust, temperature, dial

Sometimes just moving the dial a little can create a life that feels a lot more comfortable. Winter is upon us! It may be 30° outside and raining, but just on the other side of windows and walls, I am toasty and warm inside. Isn’t central heat and air amazing?! I set the dial to create the environment of my choice. Is life really that different?

We have all made the choices that created our present environment. If we get uncomfortable, we can turn the dial, or in other words tweak our choices. We can seek knowledge, personal growth and development. We can change our habits. We can change jobs, geography and relationships. Perhaps the most powerful change of all also lies within our reach- we can change how we perceive our situation.

Even when nothing else is different, we can have a whole new reality based on how we choose to approach and interact with the circumstances and people in our lives, AND where we decide to focus our energy, love and thought. Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

If your environment needs to change, pray for the willingness and courage to make some new choices and take action. If your perception needs to change, make a gratitude list of what is working well right now and pray for an open mind, acceptance, and a new way to look at the situation. Be encouraged! A one or two degree shift can make a world of difference!