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Huffington Post and Everyday Power

Woop! Woop! I hope you are Finding the Gift today! Big news: I am excited to be the newest contributor to Huffington Post! As of this writing, I've had two articles published which I invite you to please read and leave your comments for me so they will keep me on board a while (hint! hint!). Huffington Post articles (author [...]

What You Never Knew About Eating Disorders and Suicide

Recently I was interviewed by an editor at Cosmo regarding my past battles with an eating disorder. Following significant trauma and the divorce of my parents at age eight, I decided I wanted to be thin more than anything else in the world. Sadly, I already was. A preoccupation with my body and my weight steadily increased every year and [...]

8 Tips to Avoid Career Burnout and Learn to Love Your Job Again

Check out this great article by Bethany Ramos. She asked me to collaborate with her on taking a deeper look at career burnout for Click here for full article. Most people would say to avoid career burnout you need to develop outside hobbies, take regular vacations and unplug regularly. Those are all great strategies and very needed, but it's [...]

Body Project Collaborative: Finding the Gift through Body Image Acceptance

Recently I attended a facilitator training for the Body Project Collaborative.  Sponsored locally by The Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee (, I had heard this was the most successful, research-based program used to address potentially harmful body image issues and to prevent early onset eating disorders from going any further. Being a 20-year survivor of anorexia and bulimia myself, I [...]

Help For Eating Disorders

If you or someone you care about is suffering from an eating disorder or showing concerning behavior around food, exercise or body image, these are two great organizations offering resources and more information: National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). Call the toll-free, confidential Helpline, Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (EST) [...]

Finding the Gift in Negative Thinking

When I read this blog about negative thinking, I knew I had to share it! Negative thinking is something I have battled most of my life. Almost daily, I do battle to get or stay free from the powerful hold this type of thinking wants to keep on my mind, and therefore, my perception of reality. If you have ever [...]

The Gift Of Choice in Relationships

Stress from relationship issues and family interactions can be heightened during the holidays. At times we may feel stuck in old patterns of relating with certain people, and we leave an interaction feeling hurt. We don't have to stay stuck and we deserve to share our heart in a way we have the best chance of being heard. Check out [...]

Book Review: Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones is the first fiction book I've read which tackles the delicate subject of eating disorders and Sherry Shahan nails it! Personally, I am a 20+ yr ED survivor with 24 weeks total in-patient treatment and countless more outpatient. A speaker and advocate for ED awareness, I believe Shahan's Skin and Bones MUST be placed in every middle [...]

Addicted to Approval?

'Addicted' is a strong word, but read the article and see if you can relate to what could arguably be the most prevalent addiction of all: addiction to approval. For those of us who did not receive a sufficient amount of unconditional love and approval as children, we often develop an insatiable need to seek approval from others. I have [...]

Eating Disorders and College Students

Eating Disorders are rampant on college campuses. According to this article from The Seattle Times, key warning signs of eating disorders include: •Dramatic weight loss •Preoccupation with food •Excuses to avoid mealtimes •A rigid, extreme exercise regime, despite bad weather, injury, illness or fatigue Click the link to read the full article so you can recognize the signs and symptoms [...]

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