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Check out this great article by Bethany Ramos. She asked me to collaborate with her on taking a deeper look at career burnout for Click here for full article.

Most people would say to avoid career burnout you need to develop outside hobbies, take regular vacations and unplug regularly. Those are all great strategies and very needed, but it’s good to be aware of the deeper reasons some of us are more prone to career burnout than others. Thankfully, there are many great ways to proactively get back to loving your job and your life.

Be sure to read the full article and all eight tips to see if you’re in danger for an impending burnout. Here’s a teaser to get you started!

Article excerpt:

5. Pat yourself on the back

Beyond these best-practice tips that you can use to keep your career organized and interesting, Angela Howell, speaker and author of Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness, believes that a simple change in perspective may be one of the most effective ways to thwart job dissatisfaction. Howell explains that many people struggle with being a workaholic because they are looking for external recognition, while true job satisfaction can only be found in learning to give yourself the internal validation you seek. “I have struggled with being a workaholic for much of my life. I was a very successful, 12-year corporate sales rep, and I definitely experienced burnout because my entire life revolved around my career. I was so driven for external recognition that I let everything else slide, like my relationships, hobbies and health,” says Howell.

She continues, “When I focus on my own sense of accomplishment and can learn to give myself the praise I need, I am less critically dependent on getting my sense of worth at work. I can allow myself to have a life and live from a more balanced place, nurturing all the parts of me that exist beyond my career. I work to live instead of live to work.”

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